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Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming closer and with less than a month before it all kicks off we have asked some of the fashion injury’s insiders to share their favourite Copenhagen hot spots, and how they prepare for the coming fashion week. 


Anne Vest has the honour of opening Copenhagen Fashion Week. The idea of an ANNE VEST show during CFW sprung a few months ago, and it materialized into a project soon thereafter when Anne Vest started to elaborate on what we wanted to show. Read how Anne prepares for Copenhagen Fashion Week below. 


How do you prepare for Copenhagen fashion week? 

First of all, ANNE VEST does not normally do a show during CPH fashion week, we usually do one or two PR events instead. So of course our preparations for CPH fashion week started much earlier this season and have demanded more planning than previously.

Some the tasks involved are:

  • Finding location
  • Choosing models
  • Create the desired look for the hair & make-up team
  • Styling the outfits 
  • Crafting the actual cat-walk idea
  • Guestlist and invitations

Most of the above is done in close collaboration between the design-team and the PR-team.

The idea of an ANNE VEST show during CPH sprung a few months ago, and it materialized into a project soon thereafter when we started to elaborate on what we wanted to show. 

Then the people we wanted to work together with on the show were contacted and things started to come together. 

It was later in the process we were presented with the idea of the opening show. This is great opportunity that adds a little more excitement to the project. 

For the show as well as for the other events ANNE VEST is involved in during CPH fashion week the most significant part for us is the people involved. 


What are you most excited about during fashion week?

The show - no doubt. We are really excited to show during CPH, and more so since so many interesting brands have chosen to show this season, it makes it so much more fun.


Could you give us three keywords that describe your upcoming collection? 

playful fur applications / iconic silhouettes / urban feel.

Where is the best place to people watch during fashion week?

Surely at the shows! They always attract the fashion crowd and Spring Summer season tends to make people be a little more extravagant.


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