The chatroom: Director of Munthe, Naja Munthe

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Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming closer and with only a month before it all kicks off we have asked some of the fashion injury’s insiders to share their favourite Copenhagen hot spots, and how they prepare for the coming fashion week.

Naja Munthe director of Copenhagen Fashion Week show brand, Munthe always make sure to get enough sleep before fashion week kicks off. 


How do you prepare for fashion week?

It always takes a lot of time with the different preparations for a fashion show. Of course, the entire collection is going to be styles and all out fit for the models have to be made. But then there is  the whole show practice, such as finding the right location, arranging sound and light set up, booking models, choreographer, makeup, scenography ect.
So it's a very resource demanding event and it takes a lot of time.

Do you have any fashion week rituals?

I do not have any special rituals in connection with a show, but I always make sure I get enough sleep and relax too. Living in 5 gears for a long periode,  it's important that the body  gets some rest.

Could you give us some keywords that describe your upcoming collection? 

The new SS18 collection is an interesting hybrid between something very Nordic and pure, and an Asian pattern mix

Where is the best place to people watch during fashion week?

If you want to see inspiring and trendy people, keep an eye in front of all show locations, that is where it happens.

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