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Sanne Sehested, Creative Director of Gestuz has made the brands first sustainable piece; a very popular flowery dress. We talked about sustainable fabrics, and why sustainability is necessary in the future.

How did Gestuz become the successful brand that it is since the beginning in 2008?

From the very beginning Gestuz has been expressive in the collections and with a strong DNA. We are working very persistently to keep developing the collections and the brand. Times has also been tough, but we have managed to find a way through and keeping the brand in some sort of constant movement. We have a lot to tell, and it shines through in the collections and the work we do. I believe that is one of the main reasons why we are on a positive track.

You just made a dress in recycled material what is the idea behind the dress?

The idea is to show that sustainable fabrics -and especially polyester, does not have to be boring to look at -or work with.

Are we going to experience more collections from Gestuz with a sustainable focus?

 We are making styles in recycled polyester on all our future collections. We are also looking into manufacturing other qualities a sustainable way. To take an environmental friendly action in production makes a difference, no matter the size of the project.

Best styling tip this fall?

Mix and match your wardrobe through seasons. Do it by taking your favourite summer styles into fall, eg. Ad nice knitwear to your favourite summer dress or wear it with pants under. Then you make your styles last longer.


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