The chatroom: International PR Manager at Ganni: Alexandra Bernardini

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Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming closer and with only a month before it all kicks off we have asked some of the fashion injury’s insiders to share their favourite Copenhagen hot spots, and how they prepare for the coming fashion week.


International PR Manager at Ganni, Alexandra Bernardini, has Apollo bar as go-to place for people watching during Copenhagen Fashion Week. 


What are your fashion week rituals?

During the week I don’t really get to do that much - because we are so busy. But when it’s all over and friday comes I usually go out for dinner with friends followed by a few well dissevered drinks and lots of dancing! 

How do you prepare for fashion week?

As the work load up towards fashion week is pretty intense I try to get as much sleep as possible and do a few good things for myself. For instance I like getting my nails done just before, as it makes me feel a little more groomed, even through minutes spent in front of the mirror are sparse. 

Where is the best place to people watch during fashion week?

This fashion week I would definitely go to Apollo bar for people watching. It’s a busy spot and Frederik Bille Brahe has a nack for gathering a cool and diverse crowd. It’s doesn't hurt, that they make a mean espresso martini either. 


What is the first thing you will do after Copenhagen Fashion Week? 

Spend some quality time with my boyfriend - who at that point is usually in need of some TLC as he has been slacked on for weeks up towards fashion week. 

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