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Meet the designers behind Mai Svanhvit as they take us through the ups and downs that comes with being new a new brand. What they have learned from being a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week SS18 New Talent Scene and what the future holds for Mai Svanhvit

How was it to be a part of Copenhagen Fashion Weeks New Talent Scene?

It was a huge experience to be a part of the New Talent Scene during Copenhagen Fashion Week SS18. The entire process was changeling but very exciting since it was our very first show. We have learned a lot from the experience and seen how being a part of Copenhagen Fashion Week can create a lot of attention around ones’ brand. The weeks until the show was very intense and a lot had to be done in a short time, but afterwards you are left with the best feeling. For us it means that we are more excited than ever and hooked on being a part of the next Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What has happened since the show?

We have been very busy with getting our next collection in production for our web shop which will be ready in a month or so. Apart from that, we have been invited to participate in fairs and events which we see as an opportunity for getting in touch with clients and commercial interest. Since the show and the attention, it brought with it, we see a rise in how many people know of Mai Svanhvit, not just in Denmark, but also internationally. It has giving us a lot but we know it takes a lot more work for us to grow into an even bigger brand.

What’s your best advice to the new designers who is going to be a part of the New Talent Scene AW18?

Remember to enjoy the ride, even though there will be times where it’s really intense. It a huge experience for new designers who don’t have the opportunity themselves to create a show so early on in their career. The cost for a young brand would be too much, so for us it was a big help. It’s important to show your own design universe so you will be remembered for the brand you want to be in the future.  

What is the future for Mai Svanhvit?

We are designing the new AW18 collection that we hope to show during the next Copenhagen Fashion Week and get another great experience with creating a show now we know the process a little better.

The next thing for is also to focus on sales with our next goal to get Mai Svanhvit out in stores around Denmark and in the bigger cities in Scandinavian.


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