The chatroom: PR Consultant at Agency V, Tina Svoldgaard

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Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming closer and with only a month before it all kicks off we have asked some of the fashion injury’s insiders to share their favourite Copenhagen hot spots, and how they prepare for the coming fashion week.

PR Consultant at Agency V, Tina Svoldgaard, is in charge of several shows and events during fashion week which means a lot of work, and a Bloody Mary at Cafe Auto to restitutive.

How do you prepare for fashion week?

The Agency V team are in charge of several shows and events during the week. That means a lot of excel sheets, emails and seating plans. The week also includes a lot of meetings with our International clients visiting Copenhagen. Add some drinks and partying in the end. 

What are you most excited about during Copenhagen Fashion Week?

I’m excited to watch, follow and work with the new talents. I’m not that interested in hype. Sometimes the Copenhagen scene can turn itself into a hype circus. But let’s not forget that in the end of the day, it all comes down to talent - both in terms of creative design talent and business talent. 

Where is the best place to people watch?

The weather will be great, right? So everywhere in the streets. Beau Marche, Apollo Bar and anything Italian will probably be crowded and very streetstyle friendly. 

After midnight go to Chateau Motel and in the real late hours go to Cafe Malmø in Nyhavn.

Where do you go for hungover breakfast?

Saturday, the day after fashion week, I will go to Haven Festival. There will be plenty of food involved. On my way, I will eat a greasy meal along with a Bloody Mary at Cafe Auto in Nørrebro, which is very convenient situated close to my apartment. I will probably also stop by Gasoline Grill at some point - best burgers in town.



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