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Our phones are cluttered with screenshots of French girls looking effortlessly cool. To find out how they do, and their thoughts of Scandinavian fashion, we had a small chat with French It-girl and Social Editor of L'Officiel, Sabina Socol


Do you have any rules for dressing?

I don't really have any specific rules when it comes to dressing, I just follow my instinct. For instance, I like to feel comfortable and more importantly myself in my outfit. This is why I'm not really found of dressing for occasions, like fashion week. I prefer to be as simple as possible with a little twist. That's when I feel my best. 

What is your thoughts on Scandinavian fashion?

I've always admired Scandinavian style. I think the women here have managed to create a whole new, specific way to dress. Very casual but elegant at the same time. I've been following scandi girls for inspiration for years.

Your favourite Scandinavian brand?

My favorite Scandinavian brand is Ganni. It combines everything I love, from edgy pieces to must-have basics.

How do you prepare for fashion weeks? 

Fashion Weeks are usually very busy times work wise, so I wouldn't say I "prepare", (and I certainly don't prepare my outfits !), I just go with the flow.

What are the biggest differences between Scandinavian and French Style?

I would say that the main difference is that French women think a lot about their style, but they pretend they don't, whereas Scandinavian women aren't afraid to show their interest in Fashion and that they made an effort to put together a nice outfit. So maybe their approach is more honest? Anyway, I'm obviously a found of both styles.

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