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Copenhagen Fashion Week and Savvy Cph teamed up on the official CFW SS18 T-shirts. Meet the people behind, and hear why the collaboration with CFW was a perfect match. 

Tell us about your backgrounds? 

Behind Savvy Copenhagen is two passionated guys with a love for fashion and sustainability. Kevin, 34 years old and Nikolaj, 26 years old. Kevin works as a model and a fireman and Nikolaj is a professional ice hockey player for Rungsted Seier Capital. We both live in Copenhagen. Kevin has been with Hovedstadens Beredskab (Copenhagen Fire Department) for 12 years alongside working as a model for agencies all over the world. Nikolaj has been a pro hockey player for six years alongside studying his degree at Copenhagen Business School. Before Savvy Copenhagen, Nikolaj was the owner of six Paradis Ice Cream stores in Copenhagen

What is the story behind Savvy Cph?

Savvy Copenhagen started as any other entrepreneur story. We, Kevin and Nikolaj, were interested in fashion, but had difficulties finding the perfect basic wear. The perfect basic wear for us should contain superior fitting, high quality and fair prices with respect for the people involved in the production process and environment. Since these parameters were not yet incorporated together in a proper way, we started searching for alternatives. After many hours of work and research, we came up with a concept as an alternative to what we saw in the market. The alternative had to be a fashion brand that was concerned about solving environmental and social issues while producing a high-standard product with respect to all parties involved. The outcome was named Savvy Copenhagen. In april 2017, we finally launched our web-shop www.savvycph.com and the journey began

You just collaborated with Copenhagen Fashion Week on their official SS18 merchandise, what was the idea behind the collaboration? 

Copenhagen Fashion Week and Savvy Copenhagen became a match because we share some of the same values. The fashion industry has experienced a new era with sustainable fashion as a high-priority subject, and Denmark (Copenhagen) plays a major role towards a more sustainable fashion industry. The idea behind the collaboration was a mutual storytelling. It was a great opportunity for Copenhagen Fashion Week to show that they are frontrunners in a new industry of sustainable fashion and a great opportunity for Savvy Copenhagen to mark our entrance in the fashion industry. As a relatively new brand, it was a major opportunity to show our products on the big stage and we were proud to provide our Roll Up t-shirts for Copenhagen Fashion Week.    

Do you think sustainability and fashion are new lovers to be? 

We definitely think that sustainable fashion is a growing tendency as people are becoming more aware of the suffering of the environment and the people in the production of fast fashion for the large fashion corporations. We believe that sustainable fashion is an urgent need and hope to see more suppliers shifting into the mindset of being more sustainable and responsible in all aspects of their supply chain to meet the new standards and values from the consumers. We are proud to say that our certificates is your guarantee that we stick to our promises about sustainability.   

What is the future for Savvy Cph?  

Since we started in April 2017, our brand has experienced a lot of attention and recognition and it’s been really exciting so far. Right now our focus is mostly on our online sales and B2B customers. We are constantly trying to improve and optimise the customer experience at www.savvycph.com - from the shopping experience to the delivery of the package. Our ambition is to have our products in selected stores both national and international. However, the main focus right now is to strengthen our brand and to tell the story about our values, production and certificates as this is the foundation of our clothing brand. We believe it is our obligation to show people that basic wear can be both sustainable, fashionable and affordable.


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