The dates for the next three seasons of Copenhagen Fashion Week have been settled

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Both trade fairs (CIFF and Revolver), the two trade organizations (Wear and DM&T) and Copenhagen Fashion Week are pleased to present the dates for the next three fashion weeks. The terms are settled with focus on creating the most optimal platform for attracting as many relevant Scandinavian as well as international buyers and press representatives with show days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and trade fair days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
The next three seasons of Copenhagen Fashion Week will take place on the following dates:
• Week 5, 2018: Tuesday 30 January - Friday 2 February
• Week 32, 2018: Tuesday 7 August - Friday 10 August
• Week 5, 2019: Tuesday 29 January - Friday 1 February
The Copenhagen Fashion Week open programme for the end-consumer runs parallel with the professional fashion week with activities both before and after the official fashion week days.
In addition, it has been agreed between the abovementioned parties to conduct a thorough investigation - weighing the possibilities for moving the dates of the summer term 2019 - also in relation to the international fashion week calendar. This work is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2018.

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