From Denmark to Paris: A Haute Couture fairytale

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In 1982 Danish designer Erik Mortensen was announced as the head designer for the French fashion house Balmain. During the period as the head designer for Balmain, Erik Mortensen got great recognition by his customers and his colleagues in the industry. The loveable designer received the prestigious Le Dé d'Or, the fashion industry’s Oscar (also known as The Golden Fingerbøl) three times. Mortensen designed 17 collections for Balmain.  

Designmuseum Danmark has made an exhibition showing 70 haute couture creations, created by Erik Mortensen (1926-1998) for Balmain and Jean-Louis Scherrer in the period 1982-95. 


The exhibition 'I AM BLACK VELVET' - Erik Mortensen Haute Couture runs from 16. June 2017 - 31. January 2018 at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. 

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