'Dries' World Premiere by Copenhagen Fashion Week & CPH:DOX

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Join us March 18 when CPH:DOX & Copenhagen Fashion Week invite you to the World premiere of 'Dries' - the first documentary ever to follow the world-renowned designer Dries Van Noten!

For the very first time, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the designer’s world in a new documentary, that will hold its world premiere at CPH:DOX on March 18 at 18:00.

Dries Van Noten is anything but an ordinary designer, known for using techniques such as deconstruction and pattern mixes, not making sketches of his creations but draping them on models, choosing distinct colors and fabric and not advertising.

For an entire year director Reiner Holzemer, who will attend the premiere, have documented the precise steps that Dries takes to conceive of four collections, the rich fabrics, embroidery and prints exclusive to his designs. As well as the emblematic fashion shows that bring his collections to the world and have become cult 'must sees’ at the Parisian Fashion week. ‘

Dries’ offers an insight into the life, mind and creative heart of a Master Fashion Designer. 

When: March 18, 18.00
Where: Bremen Teater

Price: DKK 85 + fee.

Secure your tickets here. Follow the event on Facebook here.

Watch the trailer.


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