French fashion magazines must now declare retouched images

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Changes are blooming in France, and not just in the government. The nation is about to meet the results of a new law aimed at combatting eating disorders in young people. Now, Fashion magazines have to put a disclaimer on every image that have been retouched. The law was adopted in 2015, but the last part of the implementation will not be effective until October this year.

Editor-in-chief of Danish magazine, Eurowoman, Anne Lose doesn’t think that a similar law is necessary in Denmark

In an interview with alt.dk she tells

"We use significantly less Photoshop than we have done previously. The zeitgeist is to show the most realistic picture as possible, so that we don’t have to change people's appearance"

In the same interview with alt.dk CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Camilla Frank explains the still growing trend

"We are at a time when everything must be genuine, visible and honest. Reality is gaining more and more popularity, both on TV and on Social Media such as Instagram and YouTube where the personal story is progressing. It is what the consumers requires now - also from the magazines. Everything must be, as it is in reality. That is why, we want to know when we see a manipulated image and when it's real”.


Read the full article here (in Danish)

Learn more about the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter here



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