Meet Senior Fashion & Accessories Editor at Interview Magazine: Julia Gall

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Meet the international press coming for Copenhagen Fashion Week SS18, and find out what they are looking forward to.


"This will be my first time attending Copenhagen Fashion Week and I'm thrilled to see some fresh and new ideas from this part of the world. There are a lot of exciting designers showing here who love to push boundaries so I can't wait to see what they will put forward this season. I cover both womenswear and menswear so it will be really great to see both of these markets showing at the same time and see how these designers handle both.  I feel like we are entering an age where clothing is much more gender ambiguous so I'm looking to draw inspiration from this. I cannot wait to be in a totally new country and be influenced by the people who live there and the creativity they produce. I hope to take a piece of this energy and dynamics back with me to New York"


Julia Gall, Senior Fashion & Accessories Editor at Interview Magazine

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