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Danish fashion institute and the National Association of Eating distorters have in collaboration launched a new ethical charter for the Danish Fashion industry.

In the process of completing a new version of the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, both modeling agencies, fashion companies as well as the model association ‘Danske Modeller’ have been involved.

After working on improving the ethical charter for a few years and have now implemented three concrete approaches of how to improve the conditions for the models, they are:

  • The models have to be 16 years of age or older to work during Copenhagen Fashion Week, therefore it is no longer possible to book models that are under the age of 16.
  • The show organizers are obligates to provide a nutritious and healthy diet for the models backstage during the shows. A nutritionist has worked out a guideline for what a healthy diet is.
  • Models working during Copenhagen Fashion Week have to be paid for their work. This meaning that both when the models are working at runway shows and any other activities during Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is a way for the industry to show their respect for the work the models deliver as well as the part they play in the industry.

The new steps are to improve the environment for the models working during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

CEO at Danish Fashion Institute Eva Kruse says: “In practice we have been working with the rules of healthy eating and having to be 16 years of age for the last three seasons, this has shown great results, both in regards to how the models are treated and the representation of ideal beauty that the fashion shows portray.”

The charter does not operate with sanctions but it encourage that there is a self-regulation attitude within the industry,  breach of the charter will be followed up with direct contact to the business in question.

It is possible to read the full Danish Fashion Ethical Charter in Danish right here.   

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