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The official press bus of Copenhagen Fashion Week is a popular service during fashion week. The bus shuttles from show to show making sure that the press reach the next show in time. Staff on the bus provides the happy passengers with food and drinks, while wireless internet access ensures that the press can work on the go and meet important deadlines. Retrieve a press card in the bus during fashion week by presenting your business card and I.D. at the bus. Find the press bus before and after each show in the show schedule. 

The bus leaves in the morning from Rådhuspladsen, Vester Voldgade. The times are as follows: 

  • Wendsday: Arriving at Vester Voldgade at 8:45am leaving at 9:15am
  • Thursday: Arriving at Vester Voldgade at 9:00am leaving at 9:30am
  • Friday: Arriving at Vester Voldgade at 11:00am leaving at 11:30am

This gives you a chance to check in at the press shuttel before departure, so that it can leave on time. 

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