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Diana Kuzmickaite is Lithuanian fashion designer of a young generation. She is working both in the sphere of fashion and theatre, has collaborated with famous Lithuanian theatre directors. Diana has worked as a costume designer in a eight different drama and opera productions in Lithuania. 

As a fashion designer Diana Kuzmickaite is exceptional for her functional conceptuality. Designer is analyzing various themes of secret and mysterious sides of life. In tandem with Ausra Urbanaviciute made six collections for Lithuania's biggest fashion event 'Mados Infekcija'. 

Diana is the latest conceptual art and fashion researcher of theese times. Always going by experiencing everything by herself, living different forms of life and trying different types of personalities. It‘s like a 'game on earth'. As well as fashion designer, costume designer, freelance stylist, artist and writer she mention herself as the latest conceptual photographer of the human senses. 

IS FASHION AS ART is the clue to the main idea of the house.

DIANA KUZMICKAITE brand is letting the story being told from the perspective of artist being inspired by surreal world- mystic themes,sacred, religious rituals, romance till dead..tales. 

Designer has been chosen to face the fashion as art as well as to keep hight level of comfortability to wear. 

The common denominator for everything is doing at KUZMICKAITE is undying passion for quality fabrics, functionality and skilled production as well as innovative design.