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Freya Dalsjø Studio
Julius Bloms gade 4, Basement
2200 Copenhagen N
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Freya Dalsjø is a contemporary luxury fashion label founded in Copenhagen in 2012 by Freya Dalsjø. Following her return from studying at the prestigious Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, Dalsjø launched her own ready to wear line; her debut collection opened Copenhagen Fashion Week where she has subsequently presented biannually, and she has exhibited in Milan, Florence, London and Antwerp.
Dalsjø’s intuitive appreciation of fashion and art characterises her work, revitalising heritage techniques with a fresh and avant-garde approach to the design process. Fascinated by the way in which social constructs so often dictate the way in which people dress, she presents an exploration of the definitions of beauty, femininity, and elegance. Dalsjø deconstructs and extends these terms, embracing the unseemly and remaining critical to oppressive codes of dress of the past. Since launching the brand, Dalsjø has collaborated with a number of artists from various disciplines, proving her ability to project her strong aesthetic vision interchangeably.



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