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Newline HALO releases the Boot Camp collection

Everyday life in the Special Forces revolves as much around discipline and precision as it does around hard physical exercise. Actions repeated to perfection and optimal gear are part of the arsenal when a unit goes into battle. Newline HALO presents the Boot Camp collection, designed for life behind enemy lines.

’Aalborg Tactical Wing’ is the name of the parachute unit that the founder of Newline served in when he started the brand in 1981. The Boot Camp collection pays tribute to this epoch in the brand’s history, with ’ATW’ printed on shoulders and calves and the revival of a classic tracksuit from those early days. The collection also salutes the original training programme, ’FUT’ – the Danish abbreviation for ’physical education and training’ – that was rigorously drilled and endlessly repeated in army barrack gyms at that time. Training gear in soft cotton materials clearly reference the workout aesthetics of that era, and the same goes for a pair of tight- tting nylon pants complete with under-foot elastic band.

The colours draw on the hangar, the helicopter and the landing eld for inspiration, with orange and yellow deployed as signal colours for special objects. In HALO VI, that means running jerseys and hoodies with the characteristic slanted pocket. It means camo-print running tights sporting the eye-catching colours in a collection otherwise heavy on dusty greens and asphalt-grey nuances. As always, the emphasis is on functionality, comfort and the innovative use of materials, a heritage that comes to the fore in a bold
mix of merino, polyester, cotton and nylon.

Look out for HALO VI, due to land in stores in February ’18.