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Martin Asbjørn
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Martin Asbjørn is the founder and designer by Danish men’s fashion label under the same name.

Martin Asbjørn’s passion has always lied in the perfection of fit and form. Since graduating from The Design and Technical Tailoring Academy in 2011, with a degree in Men ́s tailoring, it has been Martin’s agenda to bring classic tailoring into the daily wardrobes of modern men. By paying close attention to materials while staying true to his Scandinavian design heritage, Martin strive to deliver men’s items that is deeply founded in the male stature and underlines his masculine traits. 

Martin finds inspiration in the environment that surrounds him. The headquarters of the MARTIN ASBJØRN is situated in the old military neighborhood in the heart of Copenhagen close to some of the most impressive constructions in modern architecture. He is fascinated by the male attributes and how the modern man is portrayed in music and in films 


Danish born Martin Asbjørn founded MARTIN ASBJØRN in 2012 in Copenhagen. With a background in traditional men’s tailoring the collections transcend to relaxed sportswear that meets modern tailoring in an eclectic universe. By combining elements from sport with classic men’s pieces, the design is unpretentious yet elegant. With the techniques from tailoring and suiting, Martin Asbjørn masters the shaping of building up the men’s body in Ready-to-wear silhouettes. It is all about craftsmanship, his flair for the simple details, and high-end quality materials. If you have a closer look at the pieces you will soon realize that nothing is there by chance. By paying close attention to fit, form, and materials MARTIN ASBJØRN offers a luxurious modern approach to tailored RTW for men, who seek to look masculine while staying comfortable. 


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