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Holbergsgade 10
1057 Copenhagen
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Moonspoon Saloon is a fashion label by artists Sara Sachs, Evren Tekinoktay and Tal R. With studios in Los Angeles and Copenhagen the trio clashes naive scandinavian design with loud west coast celebrity style in their own unique way. Moonspoon Saloon expresses creativity, bravery and personality with styles of original descent.



Words by
Didder Rønlund

Let it glitter. Let it shine. And let it all, occasionally, be rambling mad. I'm a bit crazy for Moonspoon Saloon-designer Sara Sachs, and the artist Tal R, now also with Evren Tekinoktay behind the collection.

Their show at Copenhagen City Hall swinged out there with a joie de vivre built into towering platform soles resembling Christmas tree decorations, and Sara's talents surprised again and again. Who else would show off embroideries in knits and leather, something not even Dior and Chanel have invented yet?

Revealing that Moonspoon is exported successfully to, among other places, Los Angeles, where Prince, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are customers, is not even an exaggeration, but Sara keeps the figures tightly to herself, just like the customer base in the store on Holbergsgade.

The spring collection Disco Oriental could, in its happy colors, remind you just as much of a well-assorted candy store, and it was no surprise when, in between all the particularly artistic entrances, which they're called, the finest black silk items showed up with shining black stripes and lots of variants from super-short shorts to mini-skirts.

On the front row across from myself, Sara's 97-year-old grandmother was seated with a grand smile at the sight of that silk. Providing good news. Until now, grandma has cast an especially critical eye at the Moonspoon offspring's lively fashion universe. That – and on Lady Gaga!


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