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Krogenbergvej 15 A
3490 Kvistgaard
+45 36 99 30 00
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Over the past years Noa Noa has progressed from being the no nonsense straight woman's obvious choice, to being a full facetted hot brand with admirers among all target groups from the young hip ones to the more mature self-confident customers. Noa Noa has never flattered the mainstream fashion tendencies -but always observed and listened to what goes on - things that are often here today and then gone tomorrow. One of Noa Noa's main objects is durability. Not only in the quality of the materials but also in the life span of the individual designs. Noa Noa continuously make a great effort to make things last. This goes for the collections, the employees, the shop fittings - everything.



Autumn / Winter 13


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