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Forbindelsesvej 4, 2100 Copenhagen OE

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Everyday Wearable Luxury

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur is a Danish accessory brand based in Copenhagen. Our primary focus is bags and charms, and we strive on creating sophisticated yet commercial styles on everyday must-have items.  Fur is an important part of our DNA, however we believe that fur shouldn’t be taken too serious and therefore always incorporate humor in our design.  All Oh! items are made never compromising on the quality of materials or production and naturally, we only use high quality fur from Kopenhagen Fur.
We always strive for excellence to ensure that you develop a long lasting love affair with any Oh! item.

Kopenhagen Fur – Oh!’s mothership

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur is a subsidiary to Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, selling for 846 million Euro/year. Kopenhagen Fur is recognized for its exceptional quality and naturally Oh! only uses fur from Kopenhagen Fur.As a leading player in the international fur trade, Kopenhagen Fur strives to be the best in all aspects of its business, and strongly advocates animal welfare and go to great lengths to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals.

Collections & Craftsmanship

Every single Oh! product is designed by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur’s design team based in Copenhagen. Oh!’s design team consists of skilled designers and furriers who use their great expertise and craftsmanship to create our Oh! products based on advanced fur techniques and great innovation. The aim is always to make the highest quality fur products always incorporating simplicity and humour in the design.
Oh! launches two main collections each year - Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Each collection always incorporates bags and accessories with and without fur.

Materials, Quality & Production

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur’s bags and charms are made from the finest quality materials, to ensure durable and sustainable products. The materials used are primarily calf leather, suede, mink, fox and fin raccoon fur in the highest quality. All fur is sourced through Kopenhagen Fur in order to ensure high quality within all aspects. To secure the highest quality of leather we mainly source our leather in Italy and Turkey. 

Our leather and fur are natural materials, which means that the final Oh! product might be subject to variations in the look and feel. We always aim at making our products as similar as possible, but the choice not to use chemical surface treatment in the production means that variations in the Oh! product might occur.

All Oh! products are produced at world renowned production facilities sharing services with some of the world’s greatest accessory brands. The primary production countries are Turkey, Greece, Italy and China. Visiting production facilities are always prioritized whether they are located in China or Denmark to ensure high production standards.