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DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

Keld Mikkelsen has been an actor on the Danish fashion scene for 15 years, lastly with Peter Ingwersen as his creative director. But Ingwersen has bigger international challenges in sight and hardly had time to put his signature on the spring collection before moving on. However producer Thomas Hargreave put it right with three grand tableaus and professional styling, mixing showmanship with fashion.


Mikkelsen's world of fashion presented countless offerings of shorts, small tops and jackets for endless combinations, simple dresses, copper parkas and golden visors for the forehead, if sunglasses aren't your thing. There were also bikinis in a pure golden hue, not bad.

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Photographer: Copenhagen Fashion Week®, Makeup by Max Factor and Mina Ingerslev, Hair Styling by WELLA and Marta Spizewska.